Pilgrim Journey Series: Females

October 13th


Follow the response to the Philly Jiu-Jitsu Festival we have decided to bring you a series of events leading up to next years Festival. Our first event will feature the women. Two weight classes and 3 belt levels we will continue with Gracie Worlds/EBI Rule set and experience for all competitors. With featured Super Fights.  We will also feature our first EBI in a Gi style format. Blue Belt Absolute Division will help determine who is the female best blue belt in a gi. Bringing the same EBI Style to a Gi setting (in keeping with our rule set Heel Hooks will not be allowed for Blue belts)





• Submission Only Event
• Same Day weigh ins
• EBI overtime rules for White to Black Belt
•No Gi only event
• Minimum $50 cash prize for division winners. (More $$for bigger divisions)



Tournament Schedule


Scales open at 8:00 am

8:00 am -  super fights and purple belts

9:00 am - white and blue belts

Scales close at 10:00 am

(Athletes that do not show up at designated time will be disqualified)

10:30 am - Rules meeting

11:00 am - Gi Tournament begins (Blue Belts)

12:00 pm - Super Fights

Tournament resumes after Super Fights

We run the event higher belts first.

Register Below by 9/13 for savings. 






for Event

Once you have registered stay tuned for updates and news from the event as we get closer. Feel free to reach out with any questions you might have at: info@pilgrimjiujitsu.com