Adults Tournament

April 28th Saturday


Scales open at 8:00 am

8:00am - ladies, black belts , brown belts, purple belts and teens

9:00am - white belts and blue belts

(Athletes that do not show up at time will be disqualified)

Scales close at 10am

10:30 am Rules Meeting

Tournament Starts 11:00am

Black Belts will be the first ones to go

We run the event by running higher belts first. 

Tournament will pause at 12pm Noon for Super fights and will immediately resume after. 



PRE-REGISTRATION ENDS Wednesday, April 25th.


Changes to registration can be submitted on April 25th till midnight. 

You can make changes to registration yourself by login into your Eventbrite account , find your upcoming events and your tournament ticket , once you open your ticket information find the option EDIT  up on the right side . Make the changes that you want and SAVE .

No need to print the tickets for this event. 

Any further questions you can email us to before the deadline of April 25th.

Adult Rules (Ages 16 & Older)

ADULT UNIFORM No Gi uniform shall consist of:  simple rash guard (black or respective belt rank only) and Board shorts. Spats are permitted but must have shorts on over it. GI pants will not be permitted. No groin protection (protective cups metal or plastic) are allowed. POINTS There are no points or advantage points calculated for any positions/moves. ADULT


Blue to Black Belt:10 minute rounds; Finals - no time limit SUBMISSION. An athlete must submit their opponent within the 10 minute time limit to win the match If there is no submission then they will go into overtime rules

White Belt only: 8 minute Matches No Overtime. If a match ends in a draw both competitors are eliminated. Finals will be no time limit.

EBI OVERTIME One Round 2 minutes sudden death. If no winner is determined in round one proceed to next round. Winner is determined by submission or as alternate fastest escape time. IF one opponent escapes and the other does not opponent that does not escape is eliminated.

POSITIONS Each competitor gets a shot at either their opponent's back, with both leg hooks and a seat belt, OR the spider web position aka arm bar position. The competitor on offense gets the choice.

There is the TOP of the round and the BOTTOM of the round.

The competitor that goes first on offense at the top of round one will be referred to as competitor “A”. The competitor on defense at the top of round one will be referred to as competitor “B”.

Once there is an escape or submission in the top of round one, that half of the round is over. The competitor that was just on defense, competitor “B”, now gets a shot at the back or spider web, his choice, this will be the bottom of round one, or second half of round one.

If “A” secured a submission at the top of round one, then “B” has to secure a submission faster than “A” at the bottom of round one to win the match or he loses the match.

If at the top of round one “A” does not secure a submission and “B” escapes, then we go to the bottom of round one.

If B secures a submission the match is over, “B” wins. If “B” does not secure a submission and “A” escapes, fastest escape time determines victor.

In the case of dual submissions fastest submission wins; both escape fastest escape time wins.

If after one round no one escapes proceed to Round 2 if after 3 rounds no winner both are eliminated. 

There is a 2 minute time limit in each of the overtime rounds.

The competitor on offense can move from the back to spider web and back, and to the truck and back, and back and forth from these 3 positions as many times as they want and the round is still live. The back is still live as long as the seat belt is in place, losing both leg hooks does not stop time as long as the seat belt is still in place. The round ends in any other position than the back, spider web and the truck unless caught in a submission "in transition". For example, going to an arm triangle from the back which puts the offensive competitor in side control or mount keeps the round live until the escape is complete or there is a tap. Going from spider web to a triangle which puts the offensive competitor on his back in guard is still live until a full escape is achieved.

Going to a leg attack from spider web or from the back in OT is not legal. Only leg attacks from the truck are legal in OT.

IMPORTANT: If the combatant on defense pulls off a submission it's an escape.

MATCH WILL END VIA: -Physical Tapout -Verbal Tapout -Inability to defend -Significant risk of damage -Throwing in the towel


  • With groin Shots
  • Eye Pokes
  • Bleeding
  • Required Doctors Evaluation
  • Out of Bounds

ROLLING OR PULLING A COMPETITOR OFF OF THE MAT *If an athlete is caught in a submission and PURPOSELY pulls their opponent or rolls off of the mat in an attempt to free themselves from the submission, they will be considered submitted and will lose the match.

**If an opponent is countering a submission and they happen to roll off of the mat but are caught in a deep and completely sunk submission (i.e. a heel hook or an armlock and the competitor being caught rolls to counter the submission and happens to end up off of the mat) the referee will reset the position in the center of the ring with the submission INTACT to the submitters liking. The referee will give the person caught in the submission the option to tap out before the match is restarted to give a verbal submission. If the competitor refuses and tap out the match will be restarted with the submission in place.

TIE In case of a tie neither athlete will advance in the bracket. *Remember that the essence of Jiu-Jitsu is self defense. If one competitor attacks the entire time they are amazing for doing so. If the opponent defends the entire time and was never submitted, that makes them a great student for surviving and defending themselves well in the name of Jiu-Jitsu. Therefore, in the case of a tie both competitors will be out of the event. They will both survive to fight another day =)


These submission attempts will result in IMMEDIATE disqualification. (Just because I will not allow these techniques for the safety of our competitors I still highly recommend you learn how to defend them at your school =)

No Slamming from the guard (ALSO when an athlete is lifted up from the ground and their head passes the opponents knee height the referee will stop the match and re-start again from the ground)

*****Slamming is not allowed but if a competitor in the guard is picked up above the waist of the standing competitor the competitor in the guard MUST open their guard and the match will continue. If a competitor is picked up above the standing competitor's waist the referee will assist the standing competitor in safely placing the guard competitor back to the ground.

No Butt Scooting is allowed in any division. You must either take the opponent down or pull them into the guard. IF they butt scoot they will get stood up

**Guard Jumping will NOT BE ALLOWED IN ANY DIVISION!! Guard pulling is OK.

*****The difference between Jumping Guard and Pulling Guard:

Jumping Guard (Illegal Technique) - When a competitor jumps into the guard with both feet off of the ground and is expecting their opponent to "catch" them. Sometimes this is done without the competitor even holding or touching the other competitor. This technique is not allowed in any division under any circumstances!!! This is an extremely dangerous technique that will not be allowed.

Pulling Guard (Legal Technique) - Pulling guard is exactly like it sounds. You are pulling your opponent down to the ground into your guard with at least one foot on the ground. Pulling guard requires one opponent to make contact with the other. A grip must be established on either a wrist, collar, head, any part of the competitor prior to pulling their opponent down to the ground into their guard. Sitting to the guard is not permitted without a control established. Butt scooting is not permitted. You must attempt to take your opponent to the ground or pull them to the ground. (This simulates a real fight )




  • Wrist Lock of any kind are OK
  • No Foot Locks or Straight Ankle Locks or Leg Locks of any kind. (feet crossed from the back are the exception)
  • No Knee Locks or Knee Bars of any kind.
  • No Bicep Slicer, No Calf Slicer and No Compression Locks of any kind.
  • No Calf Lock of any kind.
  • No Electric Chair Submissions.
  • No Twister Submissions.
  • No Twisting Leg Locks of any kind (heel hooks, toe holds, inverted heel hooks and inverted toe holds).
  • No Reaping the Knee ( we consider reaping anything that twists the knee in an unnatural direction)
  • No Cervical Lock of any kind.
  • No Chin Whips.
  • No Knuckles in the Throat. (windpipe)
  • No Neck Cranks or Frontal Neck Cranks of any kind.
  • No Neck Locks of any kind.
  • No Scissors Takedown of any kind.
  • No leg attacks of any kind allowed







  • No Twisting Leg Locks of any kind (heel hooks, toe holds, inverted heel hooks and inverted toe holds).
  • No Reaping the Knee.
  • No Cervical Lock of any kind.
  • No Chin Whips.
  • No Knuckles in the Throat. (Windpipe)
  • No Neck Cranks or Frontal Neck Crank of any kind.
  • No Neck Locks of any kind.
  • No Scissors Takedown of any kind
  • Wrist Locks are OK.
  • Knee Locks or Straight Leg Locks are OK.
  • Knee Bars are OK.
  • Bicep Slicers are OK.
  • Calf Slicers are OK.
  • Straight Ankle Locks are OK.
  • Leg Compressions are OK
  • Electric Chair Submissions are OK.
  • Twister Submissions are OK.
  • No Heel Hook for Blue belts


No additional restrictions beyond standard illegal submissions not allowable in any division, including the usual no hair pulling, eye poking, etc.

ADULT Purple, Brown, and Black Belt ILLEGAL SUBMISSIONS

  • No Cervical Lock of any kind.
  • No Chin Whips.
  • No Knuckles in the Throat. (windpipe)
  • No Neck Cranks or Frontal Neck Cranks of any kind.
  • No Neck Locks of any kind.
  • No Scissors Takedown of any kind.
  • Wrist Locks of any kind are OK.
  • Any Foot Lock, Straight Ankle Lock or Leg Lock are OK.
  • Knee Locks and Knee Bars are OK.
  • Twisting Leg Locks of any kind (heel hooks, toe holds, inverted heel hooks and inverted toe holds) are OK.
  • Reaping the knee is OK.
  • Bicep Slicers are OK.
  • Calf Slicers and Compression Locks are OK.
  • Electric Chair Submissions are OK.
  • Twister Submissions are OK.

NEW WILD CARD RULE Brackets that either start with 3 competitors or end up with 3 competitors will have a wild card competitor added to the bracket. 1) If a bracket starts with 3 competitors, a 4th competitor will be brought in from a lower weight division within the same belt division. 2) If a bracket ends up with 3 competitors, competitors from within the same bracket that did not advance as a result of a tie will participate in a wild card lottery.